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Our Services

Caravan - Camping - Marine - Rural - RV - 4WD Low Voltage & LP Gas Refrigeration Specialists

Dometic Medical, Biomedical, Military Storage, Transport & Service Solutions for Blood, Plasma and Food

Dometic Caravan, Motorhome Refrigerator, Air Conditoner & Heating Sydney Service Centre

Engel Refrigerator / Freezer Sales & Sydney Service Centre

Waeco Refrigerators & Accessories sales & Sydney Service Centre

Cooling Units:

Absorption Cooling Unit Repairs :

  • We can repair, rebuild or replace most brands of caravan, camping and motor home / camper van 3 way refrigerators.
  • These are the gas / electric type that run on LP gas or 12 / 240 volts.
  • The repair of these types of cooling systems are a specialised service as unlike the normal type of refrigeration system which operates on hydrocarbon or cfc's, these systems operate on an ammonia solution which is pressurised by hydrogen. It is still a very economical way of repairing this type of refrigerator when you compare it to the cost of a new or reconditioned refrigerator. The repair normally takes from 3 to five days if the customer wants their own cooling unit repaired, but if we are advised in advance we can arrange to have an exchange cooling unit ready which shortens the turn around time to one day.

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Low Voltage Fridge Service:

Low Voltage Fridge / Freezer Repairs :

  • Low Voltage refers to fridges that operate on 12 or 24 volts and are usually designed to be fridge or freezer capable.
  • They can be brought in any time between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.
  • There is a $50.00 Test and Quote fee when the fridge is booked in.
  • Testing is done either same or next day.  
  • We are authorised service Agents for most of the major Brands of portable fridge / freezers and carry parts and service most of the other brands as well.

Fridge Sales:

Refrigeration Sales :

  • We Believe that if you sell a product you need to know how it works, how it performs under different conditions and wether or not it is going to be suitable for the task that you need it for. Problems arise when customers buy a product that just doesn't do the job it was bought for.
    • Because we specialize in this field of refrigeration we can help to solve your problems when looking for and purchasing portable refrigeration equipment.
      • Chest type refrigerators and freezers are available in 3 way ( LP Gas/240v/12v ) and as Tri-voltage 12/24/240v operation.
        • 3 way fridges and Freezers are commonly used for Camping where there is limited or no power supply and LP Gas operation is best suited
          • Low Voltage Fridges  and Freezers are probably more suited to touring or Off Road as they are not affected by levels and a 12 volt supply is readily available from the vehicle.
            • For any information on any of Our Products please don't hesitate to contact us through our Contact Page or go to the Engel  and Waeco  pages for more info on their Products.

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How They Work:

How They Work - Some Simple Facts :

Gas / Electric Refrigerators:
  • Gas / Electric refrigerators all use a similar type of cooling unit and operating system and controls.
  •  The cooling unit is run on an ammonia based mixture, has no compressor or motor and relies on a specific amount of heat generated by either an electric element 240 or 12 volt or from a gas burner using LP Gas.
    • If the refrigerator is not level it will not work effectively either on Electric or LP Gas.
      • They do not make any noise when operating.
        • They are slow to start working and to get down to temperature.
          • Are available in a large range of sizes from a small 36 Litres up to 220 Litre 2 door Refrigerators.
          • WARNING: Tampering with the cooling unit is extremely hazardous, as they operate on high pressure Hydrogen and Ammonia mixtures.

12 / 240 Volt Fridges and Freezers:
  • Low Voltage portable fridges and freezers use a compressor to effect cooling. Depending on the brand and manufacturer depends on what type of compressor is used.
  • Level is not an issue with these types of refrigerators. Some units can run up to 40Deg out of level without any loss of performance .
  • They do make some noise, Electric motors and fans all have varying degrees of noise.
  • They are capable of temperatures from +4 Deg C to -20 Deg C, even in high ambient temperatures.
  • Are also available in a large range of sizes from 11 Litres up to 220 Litre 2 door Refrigerators.
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